College and Career Readiness

Don't be overwhelmed with research for the "right" college. As you begin to search for the best college for you, start with this quick 5 minute video.

Also consider:

  • Attending college fairs and meet collegiate admissions officers

  • Conducting online research - specific to the colleges you are interested in learning more about

  • Campus tours virtual or in person

  • Financial Aid and scholarship opportunities specific to the colleges you are interested in

The Common AppLinks to an external site. is an application system you can use to apply to multiple colleges and only create 1 account. **Most colleges/universities use the Common App, but not all do.


Post High School Exploration

The VA Wizard site provides students with career assessments, a college finder, and many other resources to help you with life after high school. 

  • What career path suits me?

  • What colleges offer what I want to study?

  • Short term training options at various schools in a trade of your choice


GRASP Advisors help students and families with the financial aid process and scholarships so students can make their higher education goals a reality.

Our GRASP advisor, Betsy Lemley, is available to students and parents at King William High School on Wednesdays and via email at or request a meeting through this link GRASP Request Form